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We are Aggressive Rubber Products Ltd and WE KNOW RUBBER!

At Aggressive Rubber Products we manufacture made to order rubber and polyurethane, and vulcanized rubber for a wide variety of applications. Our discriminating clients worldwide prefer our products because we use only the highest quality Canadian and American material while still offering competitive rates. Our low overhead gives you competitive pricing, Our small size means we can turn it around fast. No order is too small. Our small team of press operators and Rubber and Polyurethane technicians are highly skilled with more than 65 years of experience. We work with a wide variety of businesses in numerous industries. Primarily we manufacture for trucking and transport, mining, and the automotive industry.

Trucking and Transport:

We manufacture custom parts for the truck and trailer industry.

We manufacture components for truck and trailer industry. From rubber pads, rubber bushings, Polyurethane pads and bushings. We vulcanize rubber to aluminum or steel flatbar for a variety of applications.

Mining and Oil:

We manufacture custom parts for the truck and trailer industry.

We supply a variety products to the mining industry. We’ve manufactured molded seals and gaskets, diverter seals, bottom seals, scraper rubber, rubber extrusions of any shape or size, Sheet rubber. Anything that’s made of rubber or Polyurethane and used in the mines, we can quickly manufacture for you.


We manufacture custom parts for the truck and trailer industry.

We’ve manufactured seals and gaskets for a number of different automotive functions, we can make gaskets from rubber, urethane or fiber-sheet. We do custom rubber or polyurethane motor mounts as well.

Our Pledge to you:

1) Our products will always be made with the top materials on the market. We stand by them and always will. 
2) We will listen to you, treat you well and work with you to come up with a solution that works well for your particular application, and sell it to you at a reasonable price.
3) We will turn your order out fast, and it won’t sit around and get lost. 
When you rely on Aggressive Rubber Products, you know that our skilled team will deliver the product you need exactly the way you want it and you can feel good about the superior quality of our material and craftsmanship. The first step is contacting us. Please call us today at 604-530-4529